BIS 2009


List of Accepted papers

Papers accepted for BIS 2009 conference:
  • Ruopeng Lu, Shazia Sadiq, Guido Governatori and Xiaoping Yang Defining Adaptation Constraints for Business Process Variants (paper 11)
  • Tripti Negi and Veena Bansal Integrating Process and Data Model to Aid Configuration of ERP Packages (paper 14)
  • Ingo Weber and York Sure Towards an implementation of the EU Services Directive with Semantic Web Services (paper 15)
  • Fabio Mulazzani, Barbara Russo, Giancarlo Succi and Ernesto Damiani ERP Systems Development: Enhancing Organization's Strategic Control Through Monitoring Agents (paper 18)
  • Agnes Koschmider, Minseok Song and Hajo A. Reijers Advanced Social Features in a Recommendation System for Process Modeling (paper 23)
  • Jiri Vrany Parallel algorithm for query content based webpages ranking (paper 24)
  • Jason Nurse and Jane Sinclair Supporting the Comparison of Business-Level Security Requirements within Cross-Enterprise Service Development (paper 26)
  • Stefan Fenz and Thomas Pruckner Ontological mapping of information security best-practice guidelines (paper 27)
  • Matthias Wieland, Daniel Martin, Oliver Kopp and Frank Leymann SOEDA: A Methodology for Specification and Implementation of Applications on a  Service-Oriented Event-Driven Architecture (paper 28)
  • Oscar Fernando González Rojas, Rubby Casallas and Dirk Deridder MMC-BPM: A Domain-specific Language for Business Processes Analysis (paper 36)
  • Massimo Ruffolo and Ermelinda Oro A Semantic Clinical Knowledge Representation Framework for Effective Health Care Risk Management (paper 38)
  • Maximilian Walther, Daniel Schuster and Alexander Schill Federated Product Search with Information Enrichment Using Heterogeneous Sources (paper 40)
  • Jose Luis de la Vara, Michel H. Fortuna, Juan Sanchez, Cláudia M. L. Werner and Marcos Borges A Requirements Engineering Approach for Data Modelling of Process-Aware Information Systems (paper 50)
  • Kerstin Gerke and Jan Mendling Case Construction for Mining Supply Chain Processes (paper 52)
  • Ana-Maria Ghiran, Gheorghe Cosmin Silaghi and Nicolae Tomai Ontology-based Tools for Automating Integration and Validation of Firewall Rules (paper 53)
  • Jannis Rake, Oliver Holschke and Olga Levina Enhancing Semantic Service Discovery in Heterogeneous Environments (paper 54)
  • Willy Picard Computer Support for Agile Human-to-Human Interactions with Social Protocols (paper 57)
  • Irene Celino, Dario Cerizza, Francesco Corcoglioniti, Alberto Guarino, Andrea Turati and Emanuele Della Valle STAR:chart - Preserving Data Semantics in Web-based Applications (paper 58)
  • Jan vom Brocke, Alessio Maria Braccini and Christian Sonnenberg A Process Oriented Assessment of the IT Infrastructure Value: Towards an Ontology-based IT Management Decision Support System (paper 68)
  • Carlos Pedrinaci, Ivan Markovic, Florian Hasibether and John Domingue Strategy-driven Business Process Analysis (paper 69)
  • Jan vom Brocke, Bernd Schenk and Christian Sonnenberg Organizational Implications of Implementing Service-Oriented ERP Systems -  An Analysis based on New Institutional Economics (paper 70)
  • Agata Filipowska, Monika Kaczmarek, Martin Hepp and Ivan Markovic Organisational Ontology Framework for Semantic Business Process Management (paper 73)
Papers accepted for ADW 2009 workshop:
  • Abe Lederman A Divide-and-Conquer Approach to Achieving Large-Scale Federated Search (paper 3) [withdrawn]
  • Thomas Hornung and Wolfgang May Deep Web Queries in a Semantic Web Environment (paper 4)
  • Markus Pfuhl and Paul Alpar Improving Data Base Retrieval on the Web through Query Relaxation (paper 5)
  • Adam Walczak and Monika Starzecka Using Semantics to Personalize Access to Data-Intensive Web Sources (paper 6)
Papers accepted for ATKB 2009 workshop:
  • Algirdas laukaitis and Olegas Vasilecas Automatic formal verification of conceptual model documentation (paper 1)
  • Carlos Andre Reis Pinheiro and Markus Helfert Customer profile directing the predictive modeling for bad debt events (paper 3) [withdrawn]
  • Vytautas Rudzionis, Rytis Maskeliunas and Algimantas Rudzionis On the adaptation of foreign language speech recognition engines for Lithuanian speech recognition (paper 5)
  • Gerda Zigiene and Egle Fiodoroviene The Issues Concerning the Application of Multiple Evaluation Methods for the Projects in Lithuanian Companies (paper 9)
  • Stasys Girdzijauskas, Vera Moskaliova and Marius Dubnikovas Analyses of bubbles in capital markets of Baltic countries (paper 11)
  • Rimvydas Simutis, Darius Dilijonas and Lidija Bastina Identification of Unexpected Behavior of an Automatic Teller Machine using Principal Component Analysis Models (paper 15)
  • Virgilijus Sakalauskas and Dalia Kriksciuniene Research of the calendar effects in stock returns (paper 16)
  • Mahsa Razavi and Fereidoon Shams Aliee Enterprise Architecture Analysis using Analytical Hierarchy Process (paper 19)
  • Dhrupad Mathur Business Process Transformation Grid (paper 23)
  • Deepti Mishra and Alok Mishra Market-Driven Software Project Through Agility (paper 24)
  • Rajib VERMA Data Quality Issues and Lexicon Construction for Emotions Mining in Business and Information Systems (paper 25)
Papers accepted for Econom 2009 workshop:
  • Darijus Strasunskas and Asgeir Tomasgard In Quest of ICT Value through Integrated Operations: Assessment of Organisational – Technological Capabilities (paper 1)
  • Marek Nekvasil and Vojtech Svatek Towards Models for Judging the Maturity of Enterprises for Semantics (pape 2)
  • Ali Imtiaz, Igor Popov, Tobias Buerger and Elena Simperl Framework for Value Prediction of Knowledge-based Applications (paper 4)
Papers accepted for EeLT 2009 workshop:
  • Artur Janc and Lukasz Olejnik eLearning in the Web 2.0 Era -- Lessons from the Development of the Language Learning Environment (paper 2)
Papers accepted for Enterprise X.0 2009 workshop:
  • Valentín Sánchez, Inaki Angulo and Sonia Bilbao e-Business in the construction sector: a service oriented approach (paper 1)
  • Freek van Teeseling and ronald heller Business Patterns in Ontology Design (paper 3)
Papers accepted for ESHE 2009 workshop:
  • Henry Schilbach, Karoline Schönbrunn and Susanne Strahringer Off-the-Shelf Applications in Higher Education: A Survey on Systems deployed in Germany (paper 1)
  • Johan Magnusson, Bo Oskarsson, Anders Gidlund and Andrea Wetterberg Process methodology in ERP-related education:A case from Swedish higher education (paper 2)
  • Johan Magnusson, Urban Ask, Hakan Enquist and Gustaf Juell-Skielse Applied Business Intelligence in the making: An inter-university case from Swedish higher education (paper 3)
  • Daniela Hans, Jorge Marx Gómez, Dirk Peters and Andreas Solsbach Case Study-Design for Higher Education - A demonstration in the Data Warehouse environment (paper 7)
  • Nico Brehm, Liane Haak and Dirk Peters Using FERP Systems to introduce Web Service-based ERP Systems in Higher Education (paper 8)
Papers accepted for LIT 2009 workshop:
  • Tomasz Zurek and Emil Kruk Legal Advisory System for the Agricultural Tax Law (paper 1)
  • Marco Bianchi, Mauro Draoli, Giorgio Gambosi and Giovanni Stilo A support system for the analysis and the management of complex ruling documents (paper 5)
  • Manfred Stede and Florian Kuhn Identifying the Content Zones of German Court Decisions (paper 6)
  • Sylwia Nawrot Legal aspects of functioning of the social network sites (paper 7)
  • Piotr Stolarski and Marwane El Kharbili Building-Up a Reference Generic Regulation Ontology: A Bottom-Up Approach (paper 8)
Papers accepted for SAW 2009 workshop:
  • Matthieu Tixier and Myriam Lewkowicz Designing Social Support Online Services for Communities of Family Caregivers (paper 1)
  • Peter Schnitzler, Marius Feldmann and Alexander Schill Cuts and Edges while evaluating Web-based Social Network Platforms (paper 3)
  • Jingyu Sun, Xueli Yu and Xianhua Li Trust Model Based on Experts?Social Networks (paper 5) [withdrawn]
Papers accepted for SDS-SOA 2009 workshop:
  • Jun Shen and Shuai Yuan QoS-Aware Peer Services Selection Using Ant Colony Optimisation (paper 1)
  • Philipp Bostan, Colin Atkinson and Marcus Schumacher Towards High Integrity UDDI Systems (paper 4)
  • Andre Ludwig and Marek Kowalkiewicz Supporting Service Level Agreement Creation with Past Service Behavior Data (paper 5)

12th International Conference on Business Information Systems (BIS 2009), Poznan, Poland 27-29 April 2009
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