Note about VAT

Dear Guest,

if the conference fee will be paid by your institution and you wish to receive an invoice please read below information carefully.

Since January 1, 2011 there are new VAT (Value Added Tax) regulations in effect. There is a significant change concerning services in relation to conferences, events and exhibitions, which redefines a place of supply of a service. Until the end of 2010, the EU VAT place of supply of these event-based services had always been defined as the place of physical performance. From January 1, 2011, the place of supply will follow the General Rule, meaning that the place of supply will be where the customer is based.

What are the consequences for our guests? If you transfer money from your private account or pay with your private credit card then you will be taxable in Poland. You will receive invoice with Polish VAT for your name and you will probably be not reimbursed by your company. The good point is that Polish VAT for scientific conferences organised by higher- education entities is 0%. If the conference fee is paid by your company, which is a registered VAT payer, by bank transfer or credit card, then you will receive an invoice with the name of the company and their VAT ID. It is MANDATORY in such situation to provide VAT ID of your company. Additionally, such an invoice will bear the message „non-taxable in Poland” and you will be subject to VAT in your country; no matter if your country is in European Union Member State or not.

Given the complexity of this new situation, please consult your registration with financial department of your institution for more details in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

If you wish to receive an invoice issued on your institution, you have to provide both its full name and VAT ID on the registration form.

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