SAP University Alliances Program – Innovations in Teaching and Research

Dr. Harald Kienegger, Technische Universität München (

For many years, SAP SE together with the SAP University Competence Centers (UCC) at Technical University of Munich (TUM) has been supporting education of students and lecturers with modern business software solutions. In addition to the usage of SAP solutions in teaching, there is an increasing demand for using latest SAP technologies in research projects, especially in the area of applied research. SAP and the UCCs support research institutions (Innovation Labs) and their industry partners, improving and developing the next generation of business software.
This workshop is intended for conference attendees interested becoming an SAP University Alliances member and partnering with the SAP University Competence Centers. Researcher and students already familiar with the SAP UA program learn more about the latest developments and offerings of SAP UA’s teaching and research portfolio and the latest software innovations. The workshop closes with some practical insights and concrete examples of already finished or currently running research projects based of SAP technologies.


  • Session 1: A general introduction of SAP University Alliances + SAP University Competence Center + general curricula overview
  • Session 2: Curricula Deep Dive Session with focus on SAP ERP
  • Session 3: Curricula Deep Dive Session with focus on SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA

Duration of each session:
90 minutes

June 28, 2017 (Wednesday)

Target group:

  • Researchers interested in collaboration with SAP SE and the SAP University Comptence Centers
  • Researchers interested in Big Data and Smart Data projects
  • Researchers interested in Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Industrie 4.0 projects in a SAP context
  • Members and potential members of the SAP University Alliances Program