Transforming Your Academic Research Case Study into a Teaching Case: An Interactive Workshop

Presenters: Gina Vega and Carla Messikomer
Length: Half day

Pre-registration required. Please bring a completed research article or data that you want to use as the basis of a teaching case to the workshop.
Registration: Google Docs
Registration deadline: Jun 18, 2017

Valuable research is produced using qualitative methods, some of which involve cases studies. However, as a teaching tool, academic research cases (ARC) present challenges since the “answers” to the problems embedded in the case appear prominently in the case analysis. Often, the answers are threaded so tightly into the fabric of the case story that it difficult to unwrap the two. This workshop will address one method to repurpose your ARC as a teaching case (TC), that unwraps the question from the answer, and that ultimately serves your students, your institution and yourself as the author.

The teaching case is a pedagogical tool used effectively by faculty in business schools within a variety of areas including project management. Global surveys of project management faculty show a need for good TCs on projects. In addition to the benefit to students, the teaching case can demonstrate the impact of your research, thus enabling your organization to respond to AACSB accrediting standards. And, writing a teaching case based on your completed research allows you to gain an additional peer-reviewed publication from a single set of research data.

This interactive workshop will address the differences between an ARC and a TC with respect to language, content and format, along with the elements they share and the steps required in the conversion: 1) selecting the appropriate ARC; 2) identifying the differences between the ARC and the TC; 3) deconstructing the ARC; 4) building the TC and the instructor’s manual/teaching note; 5) testing the case.